List of Reviewers

Indonesian Journal of Fundamental and Applied Chemistry is applying double-blind peer-review process for the publication. Both the reviewer and author are anonymous. Each article is at least reviewed by two reviewers, which has high competency in the field of chemistry. 

The editorial boards gratefully acknowledge the assistance of the following researchers, who reviewed the Sriwijaya Journal of Environment manuscripts. 

List of Reviewers 2017

  • Dr. Muhammad Said
  • Prof. Aldes Lesabani
  • Dr. Risfidian Mohadi
  • Dr. Ferlina Hayati
  • Dr. Muharni
  • Dr. Mardiyanto
  • Dr. Budi Untari

List of Reviewers 2016

  • Dr. Miksusanti
  • Dr. Desneli
  • Dr. Dedi Rohendi
  • Dr. Elfita
  • Dr. Eliza Bachtiar
  • Dr. Muhammad Said
  • Dr. Heni Yohandini
  • Dr. Madiyanto
  • Dr. Adi Mara
  • Dr. Poedji Loekitowati
  • Dr. Hasanudin
  • Dr. Suheryanto